Have you ever wished that we had ARK for adults? Now we do! Our brand new adult program takes the best parts of our Dontgetlost navigation clinics and our popular Adventure Running Kids program and packages it into a fun 12 week session for those 18+ that are interesting in learning map and compass skills, strategies for maximizing success in Dontgetlost Races and other navigation activities, and how to move confidently through the forest. The training takes place in a different location between Oakville and Hamilton each week and alternates each week between instructor led navigation activities and X-league (our low-key weeknight navigation races).

DGL NEXT is a program for those 18+ that would like to improve their navigation and have fun in the woods.

The program runs on Thursdays from September 14 - November 30th and includes 6 1-hour instructional practice sessions (NEXT), 6 informal evening races (X-LEAGUE), and entry into our season ending ICEBREAKER race. 

We are offering 3 levels of instruction so everyone (from complete beginners to very experienced navigators who just want to keep their skills fresh) can participate. The levels are not set in stone, so if you feel that you are not in the right one after a couple of weeks there is room to move.

Beginner (6-7pm on NEXT NIGHTS) - Perfect for people who have never done much navigation. We will start at the very beginning of compass skills, map interpretation, distance control, and travelling efficiently through the forest

Intermediate (6:30-7:30pm on NEXT NIGHTS) - Perfect for those who have done some navigation races or clinics but want to perfect some of their skills and learn strategies for navigating with more precision and fewer errors

Advanced (7-8pm on NEXT NIGHTS) - Perfect for experienced navigators who can get through most technical navigation challenges without too many problems. The advanced program will given you the opportunity to keep your skills sharp, challenge your abilities with tricky exercises, and try new advanced techniques.

X-LEAGUE races will always start at 7PM and last between 30-45 minutes.

Cost: $110




Registration fees include maps, hand-outs, insurance, park entrance fees, HST and online registration fee.

Navigation is the skill of finding your way from a place where you are to a place where you want to be. Knowing that navigation is the most important skill in the sports of adventure running, adventure racing and orienteering, DontGetLost Adventure Running have developed Canada's most innovative and hands-on navigation clinics. Over 3,000 people have taken our clinics and seminars in the last few years including novice outdoors people, gnarly weekend warriors, and professional adventure racers.

The map is the most important piece of equipment in adventure running, adventure racing and orienteering and this is certainly the case when learning to navigate. Accordingly, we believe that your first experience in learning to navigate MUST be on a map of high quality with a large scale (e.g., 1:10,000). Our cartographers have developed a series of innovative maps for our adventure racing clinics. Our maps are high quality, accurate, and do not require declination. Map accuracy and detail is decreased (and declination added in) for the higher level adventure racing navigation clinics to mimic adventure racing map quality. We are the only navigation clinics in Canada that match map quality with participant skill level development.
Successful navigation requires skills and confidence development. In our intro/intermediat participants learn navigation basics on a high quality map and gain important self confidence towards their sense of direction. As participant navigation skills develop through the upper levels, the participants are more prepared for the challenges of our inaccurate topographical maps and more prepared to learn the many navigation strategies taught by our certified coaches. Our clinics are designed and taught by international level adventure runners - the best navigators in the country. Our instructors are nationally certified coaches and officials and design adventure and orienteering race courses.

Navigation 101 clinics are designed for all outdoor enthusiasts including adventure racers, back country skiers, kayakers, hikers, trekkers, and orienteerers. We recommend that all members of a trekking group or adventure racing team know basic navigation when going into the wilderness - not only will your adventure be more enjoyable but it will increase group and team morale and safety.

Learn the basics of map and compass skills in the first 2 hours of this clinic. Learn to read and understand maps, map legends and scales.  Basic compass skills will be introduced, for map orientation and introductory bearings. Preparatory route selection and relocation techniques will be covered.
The second half of the clinic introduces concepts and strategies for improving your basic navigation skills.
Learn about handrails, catching features and attack points. Practice “aiming-off”, “attacking from above” and “contouring.” Learn about pace counting and distance judgment. Relocation techniques are practiced in the woods. Discover how planning ahead can help you stay on track. The role of the navigator is also presented. WE DO NOT COVER GPS SKILLS.
COST: $80/person (4 hours in length).  Cost includes compass rentals, maps, and clinic handouts. Please bring a signed waiver with you to the clinic.
EQUIPMENT: Compass (or borrow one of ours), sun screen, bug spray, running shoes or hiking shoes, hiking attire.  Any changes to the equipment list will be sent to you before your clinic.


Our Advanced Nav Techniques clinic has now been replaced with our new weeknight adult program.

Date Time Type Cost  Location
April 2 9am-1pm Intro/Intermediate $80 Morgan Firestone Arena , Ancaster
September 30 9am- 1pm Intro/Intermediate $80 Morgan Firestone Arena, Ancaster

Turn off of Jerseyville Rd onto Martin Rd (near Morgan Firestone Arena) Meet in the parking lot at the end of Martin Rd near the baseball fields.


Clinics with fewer than 3 participants will be cancelled or rescheduled. Clinics will also be cancelled if the weather is colder than -15C or -20C windchill.


Don't see a date that fits your schedule? We also arrange private clinics. If you have a  bunch of friends that would like to take a course, send us an email.  Find four friends and do the clinic for the regular price.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view for more information.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.