RACE RULES & REGULATIONS (updated November 1, 2010)

1.    All teams are 3-person teams (Raid the Hammer, Raid the Rib full Raid); 2-person teams (Snowshoe Raid); or optional 2 or 3 person teams (Raid the Hammer/Raid the Rib Half Raid). 

2.    Teams must follow all race instructions, mapped instructions and information provided at the pre-race briefing. Failure to follow instructions may result in disqualification.

3.    All team members must be within verbal range and visual sight of each other at all times and ALL team members must visit each checkpoint (CP) together (excludes the Matrix). At each checkpoint, all team members must must be within 5m of the CP flag (close enough to touch it in 2 steps). Teams are not allowed to check-in at the finish with the Sport Ident Timing Chip until all team members have crossed the finish line.

4.    Out of bounds is marked with purple hatched areas on the map and/or the purple residential symbol and/or purple X’s on roads. These areas are either private land or environmentally sensitive areas. Teams found taking short cuts through out-of-bounds areas will be disqualified.

5.    Required gear must be carried at all times. Personal gear must be by carried by each individual themselves. A time penalty for incomplete gear will be served on the race course.

6.    Participants must stay on feet at all times. So don’t think about ordering a cab or jumping on a bus!

7.    Use of other maps (orienteering, Bruce trail, campus, road maps, etc.) during the race is not permitted.

8.    Checkpoints must be visited in order unless stated otherwise. For example, the Snowshoe Raid is a time limit race and checkpoints can be visited in any order.

9.    When crossing fences, do so at a post. Respect public and private property.

10.  Race numbers must be worn on the outside layer at all times.